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Knox MSP Program 22.11 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Knox Configure profile copying across customers

With this release, MSPs can now copy Knox Configure profiles from fully managed customers to any fully or jointly managed customers through the Knox MSP Portal. If an MSP is managing similar profiles across their customers, this feature saves time and reduces the risk of errors associated with manually recreating profiles.

Profiles can be assigned to multiple customers at a time or updated across your customer base with ease. For example, an MSP can update an APK file across all managed customer profiles with just a few clicks. Customer-specific profile edits can be made on the individual customer portal.

In addition to profile copying, there is now a central view of all Knox Configure profiles across customers. Click the Profiles tab to view a complete list of Knox Configure profiles, including profiles created in customers’ Knox Configure portals and profile copies created in the Knox MSP Portal. Profiles that can be copied are displayed in the COPYABLE PROFILES table.

Events relating to profiles can be tracked through the activity log.

For more information, see Manage profiles.

Additional role permissions for profiles and Knox Manage

This release adds role permissions for profiles and Knox Manage admins. MSP admins with the appropriate permissions can now create and assign roles with the following permissions:

Parent permission Permission Description
Profiles View Admins will only be able to view profile information .
Manage profiles Allows the admin to manage profiles on the Knox MSP Portal.
Knox Manage permissions View only Admins will only be able to view information on the customer's Knox Manage console.
Full access (default) Allows the admin to access and manage Knox Manage data on the customer's Knox Manage console.

This further supports MSP admins in creating custom roles tailored to their needs.

Email notification control

This release adds notification controls for emails generated by the Knox MSP Portal. You can now choose to receive email notifications about events relating to customer account management, MSP permission changes, and reseller device uploads.

This setting doesn’t apply to emails generated by events from other services, such as Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Configure.

License table export to CSV file

MSPs can now export both the Fully Managed and Jointly Managed License tables to a CSV file. License tables exported to CSV files also include additional License Key and Activation start date columns.

SSO authentication support

With this release, MSPs can now access the Knox MSP Portal through SSO identity providers, including Okta, Ping Identitiy, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

For more information, see Configure SSO.

Improvement to customer management for sub-admins

This release fixes an issue that occurred when inviting sub-admins to manage customers. Previously, sub-admins could only manage all customers when first invited.

With this release, the customer selection dropdown list is fully functional, and sub-admins will be allowed to manage only the customers that have been selected.

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