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Knox MSP Program 22.08 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Transition of Knox MSP Program into the Knox Partner Program

The Knox Partner Program is expanding to incorporate managed service providers (MSPs). Members of the Knox Partner Program enjoy access to many exclusive partner benefits and features, such as marketing resources, opportunities to promote your solutions, and support. From August 2022 onward, new MSPs can register through the Knox Partner Program.

If you’re an existing MSP, your super admin can choose to continue accessing the Knox MSP Portal from My Knox until November 2022. Alternatively, you can transition to the Knox Partner Program after signing in to — no additional registration is required. Once the transition is complete, you will be redirected to the Knox Partner Portal for all future sessions. After signing in to the Knox Partner Portal, click Knox MSP portal to open the portal at its new address,

Notification center enhancements

With this release, additional notification controls are available on the Knox MSP Portal. You can now choose to receive notifications about events relating to licenses, uploads, resellers, and devices.

Click Settings under your profile picture to adjust your notification preferences for both the portal dashboard and the notification center.

With this release, specific email notifications now include download links to CSV files. When a reseller removes devices that are assigned to an MSP through the Reseller Portal, the MSP receives an email notification with a download link to a CSV file containing detailed information about the devices that were removed. Additionally, when a CSV device report is generated and contains over 5,000 devices, you will receive an email notification with a download link to the report.

Created date in customer list and CSV file

The customer list now fills an optional Created Date column with the date when the customer’s Knox cloud services account was created. This helps you more easily distinguish between customers with the same name. This column is hidden by default.

The customer table CSV now features two additional columns — CREATED date and MSP LINKED. The MSP LINKED column displays the date when the customer’s account was linked to the MSP. Both new columns can be found next to the MODIFIED date column.

REST API support

This release adds REST API support. MSPs can now access customer data for Knox Guard, Knox Configure, and Knox Mobile Enrollment with their own API credentials. This feature allows MSPs to more easily obtain customer data from Knox services.

For more information, see Generate an access token.

Resellers uploading devices to MSPs who have reseller accounts

Previously, resellers couldn’t upload devices IDs for MSPs who are enrolled in the Knox Deployment Program.

With this release, resellers are now able to use the managed service provider’s MSP ID to upload devices to a combination MSP/reseller account without any restrictions. In other words, MSPs with a Knox Deployment Program account can now receive device uploads from other resellers.

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