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Knox MSP Program 22.05 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Removal of Samsung Knox account registration for fully managed customers

Previously, fully managed customers could still create a Samsung Knox account even if their Knox cloud services are fully managed by an MSP.

With this release, fully managed customers can no longer create a Samsung Knox account. This means that the customer’s tenant is exclusively owned by the MSP, granting MSPs more complete control over the customer’s account.

Notification center

With this release, the Knox MSP Portal features a notification center. The notification center displays important notifications and can be accessed by clicking notification bell next to your profile picture. This feature informs MSPs of important events, such as added customers or license registration failures, and take action if needed.

Updates to the customer table

This release includes the following new features and improvements to the customer list on the Knox MSP Portal:

  • The customer list now displays whether a customer is jointly managed or fully managed, and allows MSPs to filter by management types to view all customers of a specific type.

  • The customer list now displays the customer ID, increasing its visibility and allowing MSPs to easily copy it.

  • MSPs can now filter customers by the status of their Knox cloud services. This allows MSPs to easily view all customers which require attention.

  • Each customer’s Knox cloud services are now displayed in one column, so that MSPs can filter customers by which Knox cloud services the customers are subscribed to.

  • MSPs can now customize which columns are displayed in their customer list view, which gives MSPs more flexibility with the customer information they want to view.

Improvements to activity log

With this release, the activity log now displays devices moved by the MSP to a customer. The DETAILS column of the activity log also allows the MSP to download the list of moved devices as a CSV file.

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