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Knox MSP Program 22.03 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Central control of device assignments

Starting with this release, MSPs can have devices uploaded directly to Knox MSP Portal by a reseller. MSPs can then select devices and assign them to fully managed customers, making these devices visible on all of their fully managed services. This feature means that MSPs can choose which customers receive which devices, and MSPs no longer have to reach back out to the reseller with a list of IMEI/MEIDs and Customer IDs for uploading, which reduces delays and risk of error by simplifying their workflow.

Revised Knox MSP Program T&Cs

This release includes an update to the terms and conditions for Knox MSP Program. An End of Product Life term has been added, wherein Samsung will provide 6 months of prior notice before the end of life of Knox MSP Portal, and 18 months of support service after the end of the 6-month period.

Support information can be updated

This release adds a feature that allows MSPs to update their customer support information and preferences on Knox MSP Portal. This feature enables MSPs to keep their contact information up to date in case customers run into any issues that need action by the MSP.

Knox Platform for Enterprise license generation

With this release, MSPs can now generate a Knox Platform for Enterprise license for each of their fully managed customers. This can be performed on Knox MSP Portal through License Management > Add a license. This feature allows fully managed customers who don’t have access to to have a Knox Platform for Enterprise license generated for them by their MSP.

Knox Manage tenant creation

Previously, customers who haven’t completed their Knox Manage registration could not have Knox Manage services migrated by an MSP.

This release allows MSPs to create a Knox Manage tenant for these customers, which makes for a more streamlined workflow when migrating customers without a Knox Manage tenant.

Updates to UI when onboarding customers

This release includes an update to the UI terminology on Knox MSP Portal when onboarding customers. The phrase no access is changed to fully managed, and full access is changed to jointly managed. These changes maintain consistency and helps avoid confusion throughout Knox MSP Portal.

What’s new popup on Knox MSP

This release introduces a dismissible What’s new popup which appears on the first time you sign in to Knox MSP Portal after a release. The popup will show the new features and updates for Knox MSP Program from the latest release.

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