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Knox MSP Program 21.11 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Starting with this release, Knox product versioning will be named based on dates, specifically the year followed by the month. For example, this November 17, 2021 release — what would have been Knox cloud service 1.41 — uses 21.11 as the version name.

End of support for Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft announced that they will end support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on June 15, 2022. In preparation for this, as of 21.11 (November 18, 2021), solutions on the Knox cloud service are no longer supported on Internet Explorer. The Knox cloud service is best accessed on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

MSP can issue free Knox Suite licenses for Enterprise Edition devices on behalf of managed customers

With this release, MSPs can issue free of charge commercial Knox Suite licenses to customers who have purchased Enterprise Edition (EE) devices. MSPs can select a customer who has purchased an EE device and generate a Knox Suite (KS) EE license on their behalf. This means MSPs can generate licenses for MSP-managed customers who are unable to access Knox Portal, making it more convenient for customers to access licenses.

MSP can manage Samsung Care+ for Business

With this release, MSPs can manage Samsung Care+ for Business (SCB) customers on the Knox MSP portal. MSPs can add a new SCB customer, invite an existing SCB customer and manage services for the customer. Also, MSPs can delink the SCB customer if the customer agrees. However, SCB license management was not integrated into the Knox MSP portal, so license should be managed on the SCB portal of each customer. Before using SCB on the Knox MSP portal, MSPs must accept the latest SCB privacy policies of the customer’s country.

Improvements to MSP license management

This release includes some features that bring improvements to license management for MSPs:

  • Knox Suite license improvement — A managed customer’s existing Knox Suite license can be applied to any new Knox Suite services the customer adds, like Knox Manage or Knox E-FOTA. This makes license management for multiple Knox services convenient through MSP.

  • MSPs can replace licenses for fully managed customers on the Knox MSP Portal — This release allows MSPs to replace licenses for their managed customers. MSP-managed customers no longer have to worry about replacing licenses that are about to expire or have run out of seats, while MSPs can more effectively manage licenses for their customers.

  • MSPs can rename KM and Knox Suite licenses — MSPs can now rename KM and KS licenses for managed customers. This makes it easier for MSPs to organize licenses for their managed customers.

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