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Active Knox Suite license fails to activate all Knox Suite services

Last updated July 26th, 2023


  • Samsung account
  • Active Knox Suite license assigned to one but not all of the services in the Knox Suite bundle
  • Affected Knox Suite services:
    • Knox Platform for Enterprise
    • Knox Manage
    • Knox Asset Intelligence
    • Knox E-FOTA
    • Knox Remote Support


You may experience an issue where an active Knox Suite license doesn’t activate all Knox Suite services despite its key showing on the consolidated Licenses page.

For example, the Knox Admin Portal might show that you have an active Knox Suite license for Knox Manage when you click License or Knox E-FOTA > License. However, it could be the case that the license didn’t actually activate Knox E-FOTA.


An active Knox Suite license is only registered for all Knox Suite services when it has been assigned to each of the individual services in the Knox Suite bundle.



The permissions needed to assign licenses to products depends on the admin’s role and permissions. Ensure that the below resolution is performed by a super admin or a secondary admin with the appropriate permissions.

To assign an active Knox Suite license key to other services in the Knox Suite bundle, register its key to any services that haven’t been assigned it:

  1. On the Knox Admin Portal, go to Licenses. The consolidated Licenses page opens.
  2. Click ACTIONS > Enter license key, then enter a License name and License key in the respective fields. Since you’re assigning a license key that’s already in use, make sure not to use a duplicate license name.

By assigning the active Knox Suite license on the consolidated licenses page, you re-register the key to each respective Knox Suite services.

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