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Samsung Care+ for Business 21.01 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

SCB support extended to Korea and Spain

With this release, Samsung Care+ for Business is now available to enterprises in Korea and Spain. To make claim in these countries, follow the claim guides for Korea and Spain.

SCB coverage available for New Computing (NC) devices in Korea and Spain

New Computing or NC devices which include Notebook PCs are eligible for SCB coverage in Korea and Spain. These devices are non-staggered meaning the coverage of all devices starts and ends together irrespective of when the user assigns the license to the devices.

The coverage start date will be calculated based on the License Start Date as follows:

  • Accidental Device Handling — License Start Date + 1 day
  • Extended Warranty — License Start Date + Basic Warranty Period + 1 day

For more information on licensing, see Manage licenses.

Device type now shown in SCB console

The device type category is now available in the console through Devices > IMEI number. Currently, following categories are shown: Smartphone, Tablet, Watch, Buds, and Notebook PC (NC).

Device type

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