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Device replacement

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

A damaged device can be swapped with a similar device if it’s declared to be Beyond Economic Return (BER) as defined below:

ADH (Accidental Damage from Handling) BER (Beyond Economic Return)

A new device is provided to the customer if the cost of repair of the damaged device is higher than a specific value — in other words, it isn’t economical to repair the device.

The new device update can be seen in the device log or in the notification section of the Samsung Care+ for Business console.


A new device is provided to the customer and the old one is collected. The new device is generally the same, but can be different in some countries.

If agreed upon between the insurance provider and the customer, a damaged device can also be swapped with a device of a different model — such as Galaxy Tab A9 (Wi-Fi) with Galaxy Tab A9 (LTE) — or of a different series — such as Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro with Galaxy Tab S9.

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