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Last updated July 26th, 2023

Samsung Care+ for Business portal dashboard

Once you sign in to the Samsung Care+ for Business portal, you see a dashboard with the following information:

  1. LICENSE TOTAL — View active, and remaining seats as percentage of the total.
  2. COVERAGE — View total seats and active seats for each coverage type as bar graph.
  3. CLAIM — View the total number of open, completed, and remaining claim requests.
  4. CLAIMS TOTAL — View the number of completed claims as a percentage of the total submitted.
  5. VIEW ALL — See the license lists, in the license menu.
  6. DEVICE — See the devices graphically color coded according to their status: Preliminary, Active, and Inactive.
  7. Preliminary — View the total number of devices in the preliminary stages: Pending, Approved, and Active Pending.
  8. Active — View total number of devices in active state covered by SCB.
  9. Inactive — View total number of devices in Cancelled, Expired, or Fail state.
  10. VIEW ALL — See the device lists in the device menu.

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