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Samsung Care+ for Business frequently asked questions

Last updated July 26th, 2023

On this page, you’ll find answers to the most common questions that new customers have about Samsung Care+ for Business.

Samsung Care+ for Business is a comprehensive device protection plan optimized for enterprise use, ensuring business continuity in case of accidental damage and device failures at work. Every device covered is recognized at Samsung centers, so customers can walk in and get back up and running with no additional paperwork needed. All of this will be tracked and shown on your dashboard for real-time asset visibility.

Accidental damage is considered to be any unforeseen or unintentional physical damage that occurs due to handling errors, liquid or external events at a defined place and time, which stops the product from working normally, meaning its usability or safety is affected. If a customer’s accidental damage claim is accepted, we will either authorize a repair or arrange a replacement.

In addition to electrical and mechanical breakdowns or malfunctions covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, your devices are also covered by Accidental Damage from Handling plans and/or Extended Warranty plans:

  • Accidental Damage from Handling plans provide repair/replacement services for all possible types of damage for the service duration period.
  • Extended Warranty plans provide longer support for the business device life cycle after the basic warranty expires. This warranty generally provides coverage up to three years, but coverage may be available for up to five years for select countries.

You can buy Samsung Care+ for Business from your local resellers. Give your new devices extended coverage from day one.

The assignment period varies depending on which Samsung Care+ for Business plan you purchase:

  • Accidental Damage from Handling plans have a specific eligibility period. For example, this period might be 30 days or 60 days from the device activation date*. Please contact your local Samsung Care+ for Business team to check a device’s eligibility period.
  • Extended Warranty plans should be assigned within the basic warranty period.

*The date when the End User License Agreement for the device is accepted after turning on the device for the first time.

The availability of multiple Samsung Care+ for Business plans may vary by country. Currently, in most countries, only one plan can be bought per device. However, the ability to buy multiple plans per device is planned for a future release.

No, Samsung Care+ for Business is only available for devices purchased in the same country.

No. Theft and loss aren’t covered under the Accidental Damage from Handling plan. There are separate plans for theft and loss, and they are available in select countries.

No, Samsung Care+ for Business is only available for newly purchased devices.

Yes. You can enroll a replacement device without affecting the number of remaining license seats, as a replacement device fully replaces the existing device.

You can make a claim through the Samsung call center, authorized service center or Samsung Care+ for Business portal at by providing the device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). The method may vary depending on the plan you purchased. When you file a claim, you don’t need to submit any documents validating proof of purchase. You can find more detailed information on the claim guides page.

Explore the KBAs for up-to-date resolutions to known issues. For issues that can’t be solved by using our online resources, you can send us inquiries or create support tickets. See Submit a support ticket to learn how to create a support ticket.

Enterprise customers can get professional, on-demand support with our paid technical support programs. To learn more, visit our Samsung Enterprise Technical Support page.

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