Since: API level 3

Provides classes that enable remote control features, allowing enterprises to remotely inject key/motion events and capture/stream the device display.

The Remote Control APIs let applications:

  • Listen Screen Change and Capture Screen
  • Inject Key/Touch/Trackball Events

For more information on Screen Capture, see the Remote Desktop developer guide.

NOTE: Remote Desktop was deprecated in API level 35 with Knox SDK v3.8

NOTE: The provided with this SDK is supported only on devices with ARM chipset. For devices with other chipsets contact Samsung support team.

NOTE: For the Galaxy Z Fold series, folding/unfolding during the remote session does not guarantee correct operation. It can cause malfunction even if the remote is restarted afterwards. It is recommended to not fold or unfold the device in between the remote session.

NOTE: DO NOT include as part of MDM agent APK. Use for compilation purpose only.

To perform Remote Control functionalities using these APIs, caller should have "" permission which has a protection level of signature.


RemoteInjection This class provides APIs to support remote injection of key, pointer, and trackball events into the device UI.