Since: Knox API Level 19

Provides classes that allows to create custom SDP engine and manage the engine.


SdpEngineConstants.Flags Contains all the possible SdpEngine flags. 
SdpEngineConstants.Intent Contains the information about SDP intent. 
SdpEngineConstants.State Contains all the possible SdpEngine states. 
SdpEngineConstants.Type Contains all the possible SdpEngine types. 


SdpCreationParam SdpEngine creation parameters. 
SdpCreationParamBuilder SdpCreationParam builder. 
SdpDomain Defines the domain to applications for accessing SDP features. 
SdpEngine SdpEngine maintains cryptographic keys for sensitive data. 
SdpEngineConstants SdpEngineConstants is a set of constant variables related to SdpEngine creation and its operations. 
SdpEngineInfo SdpEngineInfo instance is created by SDP framework. 


SdpException Thrown when an error associated to SDP occurs.