Since: API level 22

Provides classes that enable registering third party applications as a network monitoring application which will collect network based meta-data on the device.


NetworkAnalytics This class provides APIs for registration of configuration profiles for the process of collecting network activity meta-data on the device. 
NetworkAnalyticsConstants This class provides a set of constant values that supplement the network analytics platform operations. 
NetworkAnalyticsConstants.ActivationState Constants to represent the state of a configuration profile on the device. 
NetworkAnalyticsConstants.BroadcastActions Constants to represent the messages which are broadcasted to the NPA Clients by the framework regarding NPA Status. 
NetworkAnalyticsConstants.DataPoints Constants that help configure the set of data points that need to be collected on the device and help interpret the result from the framework. 
NetworkAnalyticsConstants.ErrorValues Constants that help interpret return values of API calls from the framework. 
NetworkAnalyticsConstants.JSONConstants Constants that help create and interpret configuration JSON strings. 
Profile This class contains information related to profile registered by the admin