Since: API level 34

Provides classes for Knox AI feature.


DataBuffer DataBuffer class for using to pass data. 
KeyProvisioningResultCallback Abstract class for handling Knox AI Provisioning result. 
KfaOptions KfaOptions class for using to model details. 
KnoxAiManager Class of managing Knox AI. 
KnoxAiSession Class of managing Knox AI Session. 


KnoxAiManager.ErrorCodes The integer error codes for Knox AI APIs. 
KnoxAiSession.CompUnit The Computation units, used for KfaOptions. 
KnoxAiSession.DataFormat The data format constants, used for DataBuffer. 
KnoxAiSession.DataType The data types, used for DataBuffer. 
KnoxAiSession.ExecType The execution types, used for KfaOptions. 
KnoxAiSession.Mode The supported modes, used for KfaOptions. 
KnoxAiSession.ModelInputType The Model input type constants, used for KfaOptions. 
KnoxAiSession.ModelType The Model types, used for KfaOptions.