Since: Knox API Level 2

Provides classes to manage certificates and keystores.


CCMProfile This class defines profile to setup Client Certificate Manager token. 
CEPConstants This class contains all required constant values which are used inside Certificate Enrollment service. 
CertificateControlInfo This generic class contains information on the certificate policy values of a particular administrator. 
CertificateInfo This class is used to send security information data across processes. 
CertificatePolicy This class provides APIs to control certificate security. 
CertificateProfile This class defines profile for controlling access to the certificate being installed. 
CertificateProvisioning This class provides APIs to manage certificates and keystores. 
ClientCertificateManager This class provides APIs for managing certificates in TIMA Client Certificate Manager (CCM). 
CMCProfile Certificate Management over CMS (CMC) Profile to enroll certificate. 
CMPProfile Certificate Management Protocol(CMP) Profile to enroll certificate. 
CSRProfile This class defines profile to setup Certiticate Signing Request (CSR) template. 
EnrollmentProfile Abstract class which defines a basic profile for certificate enrollment. 
EnterpriseCertEnrollPolicy This class is deprecated. in API level 30  
PermissionApplicationPrivateKey This class contains information needed to allow an application to access private keys without prompting the user for such permission. 
SCEPProfile This class provides a concrete implementation of SCEP EnrollmentProfile. 
TimaKeystore This class provides APIs for enabling and disabling the TIMA Keystore. 


CCMProfile.AccessControlMethod Access Control Method to be enforced to control access to the allocated token. 
CSRProfile.CSRFormat Certrificat Signing Request format 
CSRProfile.KeyAlgorithm Key Algorith Type 
CSRProfile.ProfileType Certificate enrollment protocol types