Since: Knox API Level 11

Provides classes that are used for managing containers in a multiuser management environment.


AuthenticationConfig This class contains all the configuration information related authenticating a user based on his/her enterprise identity. 
AuthenticationConfig.AuthenticationRequestKeys This class contains a set of string constants which serve as keys to provide the parameters needed to authenticate users. 
BasePasswordPolicy This class provides wrapper APIs for DevicePolicyManager APIs, recommended to use only for container password policies. 
ContainerConfigurationPolicy This class provides APIs to configure policies related to container. 
ContainerModeConfigurationType Interface for managing a Container only mode configuration type. 
CreationParams Interface for building parameters to the create the Container. 
KnoxConfigurationType Interface for managing a container configuration type. 
KnoxContainerManager Public interface for managing containers. 
LightweightConfigurationType Interface for managing a light weight container configuration type. 
RCPPolicy This class provides APIs to manage data import/export to/from the container.