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Manage licenses

Last updated July 9th, 2024

A valid Knox Suite license is required in order to deploy Knox Authentication Manager on your devices. Each device — with Knox Authentication Manager installed — consumes a single Knox Suite license seat.

The process for adding, deleting, and viewing licenses is the same for all Knox Suite services. Please see the Knox Admin Portal Manage Knox licenses page for more information.

Remove a device from a license

If you have Knox Authentication Manager installed on a device that you no longer need in your fleet, you can easily remove the device from your Knox Suite license. This frees up a license seat, allowing you to re-assign the license to another device in the future. To do this:

  1. On the device, first uninstall the Knox Authentication Manager application.
  2. After the app is uninstalled from the device, unenroll it from your UEM.
    1. For Knox Manage, see Unenroll devices.
    2. For all other UEMs, see their respective documentation.
  3. On the Knox Admin Portal, use the Device deactivation tool to remove the device from your license.

Once the device is removed, the license seat is returned to the pool and you can reassign the seat when installing Knox Authentication Manager on a new device.

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