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Last updated July 26th, 2023

Accidental Device Handling (ADH) claim

Submit a claim

You must report all claims within 14 days of the incident.

You can submit the claim through one of the following ways:

You are required to make an upfront payment for irreparable damages. To initiate the service, provide confirmation of payment, your claim ID, and your device pick-up preferences.

ADH claim features

  • Free pick up service throughout Indonesia.
  • No service fee for repairs.

Terms and Conditions for an ADH claim

Device must comply with the following T&Cs to be eligible for an ADH claim:

  • Samsung Care+ for Business ADH license is active.

  • Device IMEI is registered on the active ADH license.

  • Device sustained a physical or liquid accidental damage by customer. See the FAQ for what is considered an accidental damage

  • ADH covers repairs totaling up to the value of mobile device’s MSRP over the duration of the coverage, or a single replacement of the device. Thus the coverage terminates after —

    • either the total repairs reach a value equal to the MSRP value of the device or
    • a new replacement device is given.

    Device MSRP is based on the MSRP at the product launch date.

  • Coverage on repairs due to physical or liquid damage is covered up to —

    • the price of the device for a 1 year contract period

    • two times the price of the device for a 2 year contract period.

  • Coverage for battery claims is up to one battery replacement per year.

    • For year 2 (year starting immediately after the initial 1 year warranty period)— battery replacement is eligible if the battery capacity to hold electrical charge is less than 80%.

    • Year 3 (two years starting immediately after the initial 1 year warranty period)— battery replacement is eligible if the battery capacity to hold electrical charge is less than 65%.

Theft and loss, and cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents are not covered under Samsung Care+ for Business (SCB).

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To make a claim or check your coverage, you’ll need your 15-digit IMEI number ready. See the How can I check the IMEI number of my devices? to see how to find it.

Extended Warranty (EW) claim

Submit a claim

To submit an EW claim, do as follows:

  1. Walk in to or make an appointment with your nearest authorized Samsung Service Center.
  2. Samsung Service Center checks your SCB subscription, diagnoses the device and suggests repair or replacement options.
  3. You might need to decide whether to get a replacement or have the device repaired. Replacement might take one to two weeks.
  4. You are informed after the repairs are complete to pick up the device from service center at any convenient time.

Pick-up and delivery is not provided with EW coverage.

EW claim features

  • During the warranty period, customer does not pay any cost related to labor or parts for the repairs.
  • Repairs can be done at any authorized Samsung Service Center throughout Indonesia.

Terms and Conditions for an EW claim

Device must not have any of the following to be eligible for an ADH claim:

  • Serial Number, model number, or product number removed or changed, or a streak or smear over the number making it illegible.
  • Damage caused by user negligence or usage without caution to instructions of use.
  • Damage due to negligence including but not limited to falls, exposure to fluids, improper use, high voltage of electric current, cracking due to pressure, faulty storage, scratching, rusting, staining, mildew, external damage caused by everyday use, and so on.
  • Damage caused by extraordinary events or circumstances including but not limited to natural disasters or riots.
  • Device opened or repaired, or spare parts replaced with non-original parts by technicians outside of those approved by Samsung.
  • Software or hardware modified by the user.
  • Warranty period expired.

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