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Last updated December 21st, 2023

Submit a claim

You can raise a claim request using one of the following methods:

  1. Sign in to the User-portal
  2. Call or email

Method 1 — Sign in to the User-portal

Follow these steps to submit a claim request using the portal:

  1. Sign in to the User-portal ( using the registered mobile number (not the end customer’s mobile number, with the customer representative number).
  2. Select the device IMEI for which the claim needs to be raised.
  3. Provide details on the nature of device issue.
  4. Pay the one-time deductible fee.
  5. Select the option to visit service centre or pick up and drop facility.
  6. A Claim ID is generated. Save it to use as a reference during the service process.

You can track the status of your device repair on this portal.

Method 2 — Call or email

  1. Call +9182912-78232 or email
  2. Share the details such as device IMEI, alternate contact details (email address, mobile number) and the nature of issue with device.
  3. Once the request is successfully raised, a link for the deductible payment is sent to the registered (shared at the time of plan purchase) and alternate email addresses provided at the time of raising claim.
  4. The customer pays a one-time deductible on that link and calls up or writes to the dedicated support line with a confirmation of payment (Claim ID to be quoted) and states their preference of pick up and drop or self-visit to service centre. After making the payment, call or email the support with confirmation of payment. Quote the Claim ID and tell them whether you’d like to visit the service centre yourself or use our device pick-up and drop-off service from your location.
  5. Based on the service mode selected, the device is submitted for repair.
  6. The device is repaired and delivered back to the customer.

Support contact info


To make a claim or check your coverage, you’ll need your 15 -digit IMEI number ready. See the How can I check the IMEI number of my devices? to see how to find it.

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