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Samsung Care+ for Business 22.11 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Support for secondary IMEI on dual-SIM devices

Previously, Samsung Care+ for Business wouldn’t report the secondary IMEI (IMEI2) of dual-SIM devices.

Device search, device lists, and device detail pages on the console, as well as exported reports now support queries for a device’s secondary IMEI. If a dual-SIM device returns only one IMEI, the IMEI is denoted by either IMEI1 or IMEI2, depending on which SIM slot the card occupies on the device.

Error message improvements

In this release, the text of the generic error message is updated for when you submit a license not intended for the country in question.

Customizable license names

You can now name licenses and sort them alphabetically, making them easier to track and use.

Access Assigned/Activated devices from Licenses page

You can access the list of Assigned and Activated devices by clicking the corresponding field on the Licenses page.

Claim request redirection by claim type

Depending on the type of claim (Extended Warranty or Accidental Damage from Handling), the console now correctly directs you to either the Samsung Care+ for Business claim guide or the insurer claim portal.

Access sign-in activity by IP address

A new column has been added in the Activity log CSV which shows the IP addresses for your account sign-in activity.

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