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Samsung Care+ for Business 21.09 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

The following enhancements apply to device management features for this release:

  • As claim settlement, swapped device within the same device tier is shown in the device detail — IT admins or Asset managers now have access to updated device information within the same device tier that is the result of a SWAP or ADH service, or device re-registration (Korea) from the insurance or CS channel. The original and updated IMEI are shown in the popup when users select IMEI to see the detail information in the devices list.

The license functionality within SCB includes the following improvements:

  • Assign License (Fleet cover) — IT admins or Asset managers can now select a license key of Fleet Cover type product and assign it to a specific device. License assignment is working in the same way of the Service Per Unit type product, which is the initial launching product of SC+ for Business.
  • Attribute is added in the Licenses List (Fleet cover) — IT admins or Asset managers can now see additional information of fleet cover type service. Fleet cover service only covers the specific percentage of the devices purchased, like 5% or 10% of the device purchased. To enable users to easily know how many devices can be covered and have been covered, system shows the Claim Limit / Completed count in the Licenses list.

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