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Knox Admin Portal 23.09 release notes

Last updated September 6th, 2023

New dashboard

Starting with the 23.09 release, you can set a new landing page design that shows when you sign in to the Knox Admin Portal. On this dashboard, you can see the following information:

  • Action cards — If any services need your attention, relevant notifications display here.

  • Get started banner — Intended for first-time users, this banner provides helpful tips on how to set up the Knox Admin Portal and its services.

  • Device alerts — Shows devices, separated by service, that need your attention.

  • Open support tickets — See a list of support tickets that you submitted, along with the status of each.

  • Knox highlights — Displays featured content. Click > to see the full list of relevant resources.

  • Quick links — A list of links you can configure to help you more easily navigate the Knox Admin Portal. Click Gear button.

  • Active licenses — An overview of the Knox licenses associated with your account. You’re notified here of licenses that are expiring soon.

If you previously set a default landing page for the Knox Admin Portal, that page will still open when you sign in. If you set Home as your landing page, the new dashboard will open instead.

You can change your default landing page by clicking Settings > DEFAULT LANDING PAGE in your account details.

To learn more, see Customize the portal.

Knox version information

You can now see the current Knox release version when you click the support icon > Check service status and version on the Knox Admin Portal. You’re then taken to the Knox status dashboard, which displays the version number at the top of the page.

Improvements to Additional solutions page

With the Knox Admin Portal 23.09 release, the Additional solutions page features new and updated links to the Knox Authentication Manager and Knox Capture admin guides, respectively.

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