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Customize the portal

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

The Knox Admin Portal can be customized to fit your needs. You can change your default landing page and choose which services are shown in the navigation pane.

Change your default landing page

By default, the Knox Admin Portal dashboard is shown when you sign in as a new user. This dashboard provides helpful information about new features, services, and other resources to help you manage your devices more effectively. If you prefer, you can set the dashboard of a service console to show when you sign in instead.

To change the Knox Admin Portal landing page:

  1. In the top-right corner, click your account icon > Settings.
  3. Select the Knox Admin Portal dashboard or a service-specific dashboard you want to see when you sign in, then click SAVE.

The next time you sign in to the Knox Admin Portal, you’ll see the option you chose.

About the Knox Admin Portal dashboard

The Knox Admin Portal dashboard displays information to help you manage devices, licenses, and other common resources across your Knox services.

  • Action cards. If any services need your attention, notifications display here.
  • Get started banner. Intended for first-time users, this banner provides helpful tips on how to set up the Knox Admin Portal and its services. After you dismiss it, you can open it again by clicking Get started in the support center.
  • Device alerts. Shows devices, separated by service, that need your attention. Learn more about the possible device states in View device states.
  • Open support tickets. See a list of support tickets that you submitted, along with the status of each.
  • Knox highlights. Displays featured content. Click > to see the full list of relevant resources.
  • Quick links. A list of links you can configure to help you navigate the Knox Admin Portal more easily. Click gear button SETTINGS to add or edit service-specific links.
  • Active licenses. An overview of the Knox licenses associated with your account, except for Knox Guard and expired licenses. You’re notified here of licenses that are expiring within 30 days.

You can also choose which information you want to see on your dashboard — other than the action cards and Get started banner, which are always shown. There are two ways to access the Customize dashboard screen:

  • On the dashboard, click gear button SETTINGS .
  • Click your account icon, then click Settings to open the settings screen. Then, click CUSTOMIZE DASHBOARD.

By default, all available tiles are selected and shown. If you deselect a tile and save your changes, it won’t be shown on the dashboard anymore.

Show or hide services

If you want to use only a select few Knox services, you can choose to hide other services in the Knox Admin Portal.

To choose which services to show or hide:

  1. Click your account icon, then click Settings to open the settings screen.
  3. Select only the services you want to see in the Knox Admin Portal, then click CONFIRM.

The Knox Admin Portal updates to show the services you selected. If you deselect a service and save your changes, you won’t be able to see it in the navigation pane anymore or receive email notifications for it. However, all settings and data associated with that service are saved, and are restored if you select that service again later.

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