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Last updated September 6th, 2023

The Knox Admin Portal dashboard includes the Device alerts module, which provides you with insight into which devices in the portal may need your attention.

The following table describes the possible states your device can be in, separated by service.

Knox service Device state Description
Knox Mobile Enrollment Failed to enroll After you assigned a profile, the device wasn't enrolled for a reason other than the device user canceling the enrollment.
Enrolled (Restricted) If the device you assigned the Advanced Profile to doesn't have a Knox Suite license, or its license has no available seats left, only the profile's EMM enrollment and device settings are applied. Advanced Profile functionality isn't available.
Locked due to timeout If a device assigned an Advanced Profile isn't enrolled in an EMM by the specified date, it's automatically locked.
Locked due to attestation failure If an attestation failure is detected on a device assigned an Advanced Profile, the device is automatically locked.
Knox Manage Disconnected If a device enrolled in Knox Manage doesn't connect to the server for the specified period, the device's status is set to Disconnected. Use this status to find devices that are lost or out of EMM control.
Profile not applied The profile wasn't applied to the device correctly. Check whether a profile is assigned to the device, or submit a support ticket if the error continues.
Screen lock not compliant The device's screen lock doesn't comply with your policy setting. Set a screen lock policy in Profile > Android Enterprise > Password.
Knox E-FOTA Failed to download The firmware wasn't downloaded to the device. Check the device's status and force a client refresh if needed.
Failed to enroll The agent wasn't downloaded to the device. Check the device's status and its network connection.
Failed to install The firmware wasn't installed on the device. Check the status of the device and force a client refresh if needed.
Campaign error An unexpected error occurred when the latest campaign was applied. Try to force a client refresh, then apply the campaign again.
Invalid firmware The firmware wasn't downloaded to the device. Check the status of the device and force a client refresh if needed.
Invalid license No valid license was found. Check that your license key was entered correctly, then try again.
Campaign sync expected The latest campaign will be applied to the client. If this process takes longer than expected, try forcing a client refresh.
Client enrolled but campaign not started The device is enrolled, but the campaign isn’t active yet.
In-progress (installing) The device is currently installing firmware.
Reverting After a test campaign, the device is reverting from the dummy firmware back to the regular firmware.
Knox Asset Intelligence Not enrolled The device was uploaded to the console, but is not yet enrolled in Knox Asset Intelligence. Try enrolling the device.
Failed to enroll The device encountered an error during enrollment. Check whether the license is valid and if the device's Knox version is supported. For more information, see the device details.
Inactive The device stopped communicating with the server for more than 7 days in a row. Check whether the device is powered off or disconnected from a network.
Knox Configure Failed to configure The configuration wasn't applied to the device. Try again, or submit a support ticket if the error continues.
Configured The configuration was successfully applied to the device.
Knox Guard Locked The device was successfully locked by an admin.
Samsung Care+ for Business Pending A reseller uploaded a device that's awaiting your approval.
Approved The device was approved, but you still need to assign it a license for Samsung Care+ for Business coverage.
Active Pending The device is being registered to the insurer's system. You'll receive a notification once the registration is complete.

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