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Knox Admin Portal

Last updated February 9th, 2024

To complement the various cloud-based services that Samsung Knox offers, the Knox Admin Portal serves as a comprehensive console to give you access to Knox cloud services, solutions, and resources.

The Knox Admin Portal is designed to provide a single pane of glass experience, helping you manage your device fleet with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. On the Knox Admin Portal, you can centrally manage your admins and roles, as well as your licenses. You can also manage your devices for each Knox service.

The Knox Admin Portal console, showing the dashboard.


This document is intended for IT admins. Enterprise IT admins can learn how to get started with the Knox Admin Portal, including how to manage licenses, set up services, and enroll devices.


This unified view allows IT admins to efficiently and securely manage a fleet of enterprise devices with a variety of Knox services from a single interface. With this new functionality, enterprise IT admins can benefit from the following main features:

  • Get started section. Get quick access to the latest Knox content, including how-to guides.

    For new users, the Knox Admin Portal offers a homepage that provides quick links to help you get started with the portal. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Knox service news and features.

  • Seamlessly access different Knox services. One-click navigation to each service.

    For users who are enrolled in multiple services, the left navigation pane allows you to quickly access different services without signing in to individual consoles for each service.

  • Easily add additional services. Add additional services quickly and efficiently from the dashboard.

    If you’re currently using just one or two services, you can easily add other services to the Knox Admin Portal in your settings.

  • Customize your landing page. Select services to show when you first sign in.

    Depending on the service you use most often, you can select your preferred service to be your default landing page. Once you update your preferences in the portal, either the homepage or the dashboard of your chosen service opens the next time you sign in.

  • Centralized support area. Access support for all services in one location.

    The Knox Admin Portal features a centralized area for support that lets you get answers to your frequently asked questions, get support from our expert Knox customer service representatives, and send in your feedback that is then directly routed to the appropriate Samsung team.

  • Centralized notifications. View notifications for all services in one location.

    The Knox Admin Portal also includes a centralized notifications area that lets you see notifications for all your services from one location. To view your notifications, click Notification button to the left of your account icon.

  • Consolidated service management. Manage admins, roles, and licenses across all services.

    You can view and manage admins and licenses for your company for all your Knox services.

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