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Get started as a license reseller

Last updated April 4th, 2024

Register your company on the license reseller directory

If you are a new license reseller with the Knox Partner Program, you may want to register your company in the official Samsung Knox reseller directory so customers can find your information.

To do this, refer to the Reseller and MSP directory guide for instructions on how to register.

Auto-register licenses

As a Knox license reseller, you can automatically register licenses to a customer’s account, eliminating the need to manually email license keys to your customers whenever new purchases are made.

The following license types can be auto-registered:

  • Knox Suite
  • Knox E-FOTA
  • Knox Asset Intelligence
  • Samsung Care+ for Business

To automatically register licenses to your customer’s account:

  1. Obtain your customer’s Knox Customer ID.

  2. Sign in to your Samsung Sales Portal.

  3. Select the license that you want to assign.

  4. Under Additional License Information > End Customer, select the name of the customer that the license belongs to.

  5. Under Additional License Information > Knox Customer ID, enter the customer ID then click Check.

    1. If the customer ID is valid, you can proceed with the license assignment. On the next screen, click OK to assign the license to the customer.

      Dialog asking for confirmation to add the license to the customer's account

    2. If the customer ID is invalid, an error message is shown.

      Dialog explaining that the Knox Customer ID is invalid

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