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Knox Admin Portal 23.06 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Support for admin deletion

To help control privileges and maintain the roster of admins, the 23.06 release introduces the ability to remove admin accounts of your Knox services. Super admins and admins with the Invite and manage administrators permission for all relevant services can now delete other admins, except for super admins, from the Knox Admin Portal.

If you have the correct permissions, you can delete an admin by clicking their name in the admin list to edit their details, then clicking MORE ACTIONS > Delete account. This action isn’t available if you don’t have the correct permissions.

Knox Admin Portal access for Knox Guard users

In previous releases, due to technical limitations, admins who worked in a tenant that only had Knox Guard as a service couldn’t access the Knox Admin Portal.

As of the 23.06 release, if Knox Guard is the sole service in your tenant, you can now perform your administrative duties on the Knox Admin Portal. To quickly access the Knox Admin Portal, click Customer portal > Knox Admin Portal on the Knox Guard console.

Note that only the following features of the Knox Admin Portal are available for Knox Guard users:

  • The support center

  • The account details, which include options to:

    • Edit account settings
    • Show or hide services, where you can also select other Knox services to register for and use on the Knox Admin Portal
    • Customize the default landing page

Knox Remote Support

The following release notes describe functionality for Knox Remote Support when accessed through the Knox Admin Portal, and not through the Knox Manage console.

Device list

Knox Remote Support now provides a page called Devices, which is a launchpad for starting remote sessions with any device in your enterprise that was both enrolled and configured through an EMM, and currently has the Knox Remote Support agent installed.

When you launch Knox Remote Support from the Knox Admin Portal, this page is now the default view.

To learn more about the workings and efficiencies offered by the Devices page, see Manage Knox Remote Support devices.

Notification-based and automatic sessions

Previously, a support session could only start when the device user opened the Knox Remote Support agent on the device and manually entered an access code that you provided to them.

Starting with the 23.06 release, you can initiate a remote session with two new methods available on the Devices page:

  • Ask Users to Start — Sends a push notification to the device with a prompt to start a session, and the device user can tap it to begin.
  • Automatically Start — Immediately starts a support session on the device, without the user’s input. This method is only available on Samsung devices that support Knox.

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