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Knox Admin Portal 22.08 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Knox Remote Support history

Knox Remote Support now keeps a log of all support sessions. In the Knox Remote Support interface, click History icon to view the history. A session’s device information is tracked, including the model name, IMEI/MEID, serial number, and phone number. It also stores detailed session data, like its duration, the version of the device’s OS, and the version of the Knox Remote Support agent installed on the device. You can filter sessions based on the device and recentness (last week, last month, last year). Click Download History as CSV to save the log data for your query as a spreadsheet file.

To supplement the remote support history, you can now adjust the time zone of Knox Remote Support to vary from your PC’s local time zone. With this setting, you can sync the session’s time zone to that of the device you’re supporting (or another needed region), so as to record a more accurate timestamp. To adjust the time zone, click your account name, select Time Zone, then select a region. When a tenant first accesses Knox Remote Support, the time zone is set to GMT+0 by default, so you should make sure to adjust it before your first remote session.

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