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Knox Admin Portal 21.09 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Show/Hide Knox services

Until now, IT admins could not control (that is, add or remove) services from within the unified Knox Admin Portal. This release introduces a new feature where IT admins can manually set show or hide settings for each of their services. The new process works as follows:

  1. The user registers for KCS services using the unified Knox Admin Portal.

  2. When the IT admin first logs in to the unified Knox Admin Portal, a Select Services page shows. The IT admin can select the appropriate service from this location.

    Once set up, the IT admin can choose to add or remove services using the User Profile or Avatar screen > Manage Services and Preferences > Show/Hide Service buttons.

  3. After selecting the required services, the IT admin clicks Confirm. The IT admin must select at least one service without which they cannot proceed to the next step.

  4. After confirmation, the device sync notification shows and the added services show on the left hand navigation menu. IT admins attached to accounts get notification emails from all selected services.

    The Primary Admin on the account can see all the services that are currently supported for their country. Secondary Admins, however, can see only these services if they are invited by a Primary Admin for their account.

  5. Once the device information is synced, hiding the added services does not remove the devices’ information from the database. If the IT admin were to add the service again, all information synced previously is still visible.

    If a device sync is not successful, contact Samsung Support to troubleshoot the issue.

Consolidate notification emails across services

Previously, when users signed up for multiple Knox services from the unified Knox Admin Portal, they received multiple notification emails. Going forward, notification emails for registration, approval, and rejection of requests from the unified Knox Admin Portal are sent in a single notification email. Going forward, users can only receive notification emails from services that are set to show on the left navigation pane. This change applies to all Knox services, namely: Knox Portal, Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox E-FOTA, Samsung Care+ for Business, Knox Asset Intelligence, and Knox Manage.

Data Processing Agreement

Users with direct access to the unified Knox Admin Portal can now agree to the Samsung Knox Data Processing Agreement (DPA) when they enroll for or log in to services. The DPA covers the entire KCS solution as well as all components of the KPE. This DPA applies to customers (IT Admins) but not to MSP and Reseller users.

Notify users of errors when special characters are used in Bulk invites

When IT admins try to set up bulk invites using a CSV file for users in the unified Knox Admin Portal, first and last name fields cannot use the following 10 characters:

" / = + @ < > { } ( )

Until the previous release, when these characters were used for first or last name fields, the process failed without any notifications given to the IT admin. Going forward, whenever these special characters are used, the console notifies the IT admin through an error log. This improvement allows IT admins to correct these errors and ensure the bulk invite process is successful.

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