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Knox Deployment Program 1.28 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Role deletion improvements

This enhancement provides admins the ability to delete a role with a pending, revoked or blocked state (any state but active). Before the role can be deleted, a Delete role screen lists the role’s current administrator assignments. The deletion is not allowed if there are active users assigned to the role. These users must be assigned a different role to permit the deletion. For more information on where to locate this setting, see Delete a role.

Display non-randomized Wi-Fi MAC address

This enhancement addresses customer requests to allow a device Wi-Fi address and have MPTS return the device’s non-randomized Wi-Fi MAC address (the mobile device MAC) so it can be stored in the database and displayed in the reseller portal using a properly formatted CSV file. To find how to locate this, see Device details under View devices.

Console search optimizations

Until this release, the Reseller Portal’s Administrators & Roles screen did not had the same filter and content search capabilities available to both Knox Configure and Knox Guard for the same screen and content. This created an inconsistency across Knox Cloud Services for administrating roles and filtering data.

With this release, the Reseller Portal now has the same content and filtering available to peer Knox Cloud Services. This will reduce reported frustrations by admins and resellers using comparable role management capabilities across services.

See View admin and role details to explore this feature.

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