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Manage devices

Last updated July 4th, 2023

Knox Configure requires resellers to submit device information on behalf of their customers before profiles can be pushed to enrolled devices.

Through the Reseller Portal, resellers are able to review devices uploaded to a customer, upload devices, and delete devices.

Upload devices

To upload devices to the Reseller Portal, you first need to prepare a CSV file that contains the IMEIs for the devices to be uploaded. Devices for upload can’t already be registered in an inventory that you manage through Knox services.

You can also upload devices using APIs. For details, see Knox Deployment Program (KDP) Reseller APIs (v2.0).

View devices

  1. Sign in to the Knox Reseller Portal: Go to the Knox Partner Portal and click Knox Reseller Portal.

  2. Go to Customers.

    Customers tab

  3. Under COMPANY NAME/INTERNAL REFERENCE, select the target customer link.

    Name link

  4. Select the DEVICES tab.

    devices tab

  5. Sort submitted devices by any of the column headers, or search for devices.

    When searching for devices by IMEI, dual-SIM devices can be found by either of their IMEIs. The device list shows only IMEI1 (the primary IMEI), but when you hover over a dual-SIM device, a tooltip shows both associated IMEIs.

    sort devices

Device details

On the DEVICES tab, click the device that you want to get additional details for.

For dual-SIM devices, both IMEIs are shown under IMEI/MEID.

device details

Other fields are described in the Upload devices section.

Wi-Fi: phone MAC address is the latest addition to these features. This address can be used to restore the device in the database and allowlist the device Wi-Fi address.

Delete devices

When you delete a device on the Reseller Portal, that device is removed from the Reseller Portal, Knox MSP portal, and customer service portals.

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