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Activity log

Last updated April 25th, 2023

The Activity log lists the actions taken by you, your admins, as well as the customer these actions support.

Activity log

The following reseller activities are logged and can be filtered within the activity log:

  • Customer — The customer name impacted by the listed reseller portal event

  • Customer ID — The numeric customer ID impacted by the listed reseller portal event

  • Date — The date and time the event occurred. Format: DD MM YYYY HH:MM

  • Event – Describes the following administrative events:

    • Customer added

    • Customer edited

    • Customer deleted

    • Device uploaded

    • Device(s) deleted

    • Unassociate customer

    • Delete use

    • IMEI/SN changed

    • PBA changed

    • Modified administrator

    • Invited administrator

    • Added role

    • Modified role

    • Deleted role

    • Resent invitation

    • Reactivated administrator

    • Revoked invitation

    • Blocked administrator


  • Performed by — Indicates the name of the reseller or customer the event was performed by.

  • Status — Indicates the state of the listed reseller event. Potential states are:

    • OK

    • Error

    • In progress

    • Completed

    • Completed with Error

  • View details — Where applicable, select the details link to review the number of devices impacted by the listed event and download a report.

Activity log details

You can also Search for a specific activity, or use the drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner to filter by day.

Optionally select DOWNLOAD ACTIVITY LOG AS CSV from the top, right-hand side, of the screen to archive the activity log in a CSV file format.

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