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Knox Service Plugin documentation guidelines

Knox Service Plugin is intended to act as a simplified channel to push Knox Platform for Enterprise features to target devices. The most effective method to deploy and push Knox Service Plugin to devices is through your UEM console. For the user’s ease of use and to maximize their productivity, we recommend that your console documentation follow the guidelines in this section.

Documentation recommendations

Your UEM console documentation should include the following information.

  1. Prepare for Knox Service Plugin set up, with details about how to:

    1. Set up the UEM console for Knox Service Plugin to ensure good usability. For detailed set up instructions, see Set up with a UEM.

    2. Deploy Google’s Android Enterprise modes: Work Profile, Fully Managed Device, and Fully Managed with a Work Profile. For more information about these modes, see Google’s documentation about Android Enterprise.

    3. Purchase and activate Knox Platform for Enterprise Premium licenses from a Samsung Knox reseller.

  2. Set up and configure Knox Service Plugin, with details about how to:

    1. Add Knox Service Plugin to the UEM console.

    2. Create and configure device configuration policies.

    3. Deploy Knox Service Plugin.

      For more information, see the Knox Service Plugin admin documentation

  3. Instructions on using the Knox Service Plugin debug mode to help users test Knox Service Plugin and device configurations on a limited number of devices. Debug mode helps users see policy results and errors, if any, on a device without impacting the entire fleet of devices. For more information, see Apply basic policies > Test and debug policies.

  4. Knox Service Plugin error messages and troubleshooting procedures for common scenarios. For more information, see Error messages.

We strive to provide complete and accurate information about the processes and action items associated with Knox Service Plugin. Contact us if you need updates to the Knox Service Plugin admin documentation or source material to incorporate into your documentation.

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