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Knox Service Plugin integration


We refer to Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) partners as MDM partners in this guide.

The goal of this technical implementation is ensure that MDMs can import, configure, and deploy Knox policies with minimal changes necessary. At the very minimum, to support managed configurations and KSP, MDMs can use an iFrame to display configurable settings, as described in Deploy managed configurations.

To support the KSP implementation of OEMConfig, you must support the following:

  • Advanced app restrictions — including multilevel nested schema to render managed configuration of KSP.
  • Feedback channel — based on an SDK provided by Google, to fetch results back from the KSP Agent and show them the MDM’s web console.
  • All Knox permissions — as described in Declare Knox permissions, do not declare the selective permissions meta tag in the Android manifest file. By leaving out this tag, your app will get all Knox permissions, which are needed by KSP by default.

For detailed information about the components of and process to implement KSP, refer to Knox Developer Documentation > Knox Service Plugin.

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