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Knox Validated Program

Welcome to the Knox Validated Program. This document walks you through the requirements and recommendations for Knox Partner Program members supporting Knox products and features to qualify for validated partner solutions.

What is the Knox Validated Program?

The Knox Validated Program is designed to validate enterprise-grade partner solutions based on a set of requirements and recommendations for supporting Knox products and services. Partners enrolled in the Knox Partner Program are strongly encouraged to go through this document and align their Knox feature implementations as laid out in this document.



This document is intended for:

  • MDM Partners — Understand and implement the key features, UX design guidelines, and documentation required by your solution to support Knox services such as the Knox Service Plugin and Knox Mobile Enrollment.

We refer to Mobile Device Management (MDM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) collectively as MDM in this guide.

How it works

To become a Knox Validated partner:

  1. Sign up for the Samsung Knox Partner Program and apply for the Partner tier of Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

  2. Review your MDM solution to see if you meet the requirements to become a Knox Validated solution.

  3. Log in to your Knox Partner Program dashboard.

  4. In the left-hand menu, click Knox Validated. You need to provide Samsung with login credentials to a test account on your MDM console, as well as basic instructions on using the console for device management.

If the left-hand menu does not include a Knox Validated option, you might not be a Silver, Gold, or Platinum partner. Log a support ticket.

  1. Samsung evaluates your eligibility using the test credentials you have provided.

  2. If you meet the requirements, Samsung displays your solution as Knox Validated on Samsung websites, and contacts you with further instructions on how to incorporate your Knox Validated status in your marketing resources and activities.

Get started by browsing the requirements now.

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