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Knox Mobile Enrollment documentation guidelines

Knox Mobile Enrollment streamlines the initial setup and enrollment of corporate-owned devices. Knox Mobile Enrollment is the recommended tool when an enterprise requires bulk device enrollment with little configuration variance amongst the devices deployed.

For the user’s ease of use and to maximize their productivity, we recommend that your console documentation follow the guidelines in this section.

Documentation recommendations

Ideally, your console documentation should include information about the following:

  1. Set up and configure your Samsung Account as well as your account. For detailed instructions, see Knox Mobile Enrollment Admin Guide > Create your accounts.

  2. Details of firewall configuration and exemptions needed to extend beyond your local and protected network domain and securely connect to the Knox Mobile Enrollment server. For more information, see Knox Mobile Enrollment firewall exceptions.

  3. Information about the basic activities in the Knox Mobile Enrollment workflow. For more information, see Knox Mobile Enrollment get started.

  4. Contact information for Knox Mobile Enrollment customer support, as described in get Knox Mobile Enrollment support.

  5. Detailed instructions on how to use KME-DO in their Knox Mobile Enrollment documentation. In most cases, only the traditional KME-DA process is being covered.

  6. Clear information on whether their solutions support Knox Mobile Enrollment and its user credential passing feature. If yes, provide some details about how to use this feature as the exact process can vary depending upon the MDM console UI.

We strive to provide complete and accurate information about the processes and action items associated with Knox Mobile Enrollment in the Knox Mobile Enrollment guide. Contact us if you need updates to the Knox Mobile Enrollment guide or source material to incorporate into your documentation.

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