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Knox Deployment Program 22.11 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Removal of bulk actions for Vendor accounts

Resellers with the Vendor account type no longer have access to bulk actions in the Reseller Portal.

Tooltip for IMEIs of dual-SIM devices in device list

When searching for a dual-SIM device by IMEI in the Reseller Portal, if the search is conducted using an IMEI2 (the device’s secondary IMEI), the found device appears in the search results by its IMEI1 (primary IMEI). To reduce user confusion, this release adds a tooltip to dual-SIM devices when you hover over them, which shows both of the device’s IMEIs.

Two IMEIs are shown in tooltip

SSO authentication support

With this release, resellers can now access the Reseller Portal through SSO identity providers, including Okta, Ping Identity, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. For more information, see Configure SSO.

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