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Knox Deployment Program 1.36 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Updated RP logos and branding

The Reseller Portal console and console generated email headers have been updated to be consistent with other 2020 branding initiative updates across the Knox service product line.

These updates will help provide better uniformity in the look and feel of all Knox services

Profile alias support for KC in Reseller Portal

This update allows a reseller to frontload some of the operations typically performed by a KC customer. For example, if a KC customer has the same profile for every device, it does not make much sense for the IT admin to login to the portal just to assign. This step can be eliminated if the reseller can point to the appropriate KC profile at the time of the upload itself.

With this release, a profile alias can be created in the KC console and shared with a reseller, who attaches the alias to an upload, which in turn can be used as a profile auto-assignment rule.

Up to 10 profile aliases can be created per reseller, and a profile can be associated with 1 or more aliases. Aliases are optional, but when utilized need to be associated with an existing profile.

KDP API enhancements to cover profile alias for KC

Resellers using the KDP API (gen2) can now automatically assign a device upload to a KC profile alias. This will allow them to help their customers automate their workflows even more in KC. This work involves the following:

  • The API GET KC Profile Alias API has been added. This returns a list of KC profile aliases from the customer.

  • The profileAliases parameter of the Upload Devices API now accepts a KC profile alias.

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