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Knox Deployment Program 1.32 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Auto-assign rules for profile alias via KDP API

Resellers using the KDP API (gen2) have requested the ability to automatically assign an upload to a profile alias using an API so they can help customers automate their workflows better.

Going forward resellers can use the new Get profile alias API to get a list of profile aliases from the customer. When the reseller uploads a device list via the <name of the API call>, they can now associate this upload with a customer profile via the optional profile alias parameter.

New logged in event added to activity log

Currently, Knox Configure (KC), Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), and Knox Guard (KG) each enable an admin to review the console activity log to view when admins have logged into the service. The reseller portal however currently does not provide this ability, and can make administrative decisions difficult when you cannot see when administrators have logged in.

Going forward, the reseller portal activity log contains a new Event column display option entitled Logged in that describes administrator login activity and the admin role used for the login.

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