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Knox Deployment Program 1.31 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Provide Enterprise Edition (EE) device count to Knox Portal

This feature addition enables resellers to provide uploaded EE device information to Knox Portal for reference. Customers can now review the listed EE device count and obtain a Knox Suite license in proportion to their number of EE devices with better accuracy and efficiency.

Add SoldToCode (STC) option in KDP portal

This enhancement now enables resellers to manage a SoldToCode (STC) directly from the KDP portal, so customers can review SLM reseller information when they obtain a Knox Suite license from their Enterprise Edition (EE) device purchase information via the KDP.

The STC is the code assigned to a software reseller from Samsung License Management (SLM). The STC is used by to calculate a Knox Suite license for potential creation, extension, or merge. The STC is optional so the code value can be left empty or deleted by the reseller as needed. The STC is 10 alpha numeric characters in length, and can include a dash (-) if needed. If a reseller inputs only seven characters, the KDP can convert it into 10 characters by adding 000 before the reseller’s input.

The KDP will display an error message if the STC code is not valid or if the user input is not 10 or 7 characters in length.

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