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Knox Deployment Program 1.26 release notes

Last updated April 25th, 2023

Enhanced auto-assignment capability

This feature enables customers to set multiple auto-assignment rules for each reseller, rather than the single auto-assignment rule currently available.

Before setting an auto-assignment rule:

  1. The customer must create a profile alias, which is shared with the reseller, and can be used by the reseller when uploading devices.

    • When an alias is created, it must be associated with an existing profile.
  2. The reseller attaches the profile alias to an upload, which the customer uses for a profile auto-assignment rule.

This feature requires the reseller to coordinate with the customer to determine which profile alias to use to ensure the correct profile is used for each upload.

Profile aliases are unique per reseller, but are not unique across resellers since they’re not shared across resellers. The customer can create up to 10 profile aliases per reseller, and each profile alias can only be associated with a single profile.

Note that profile aliases aren’t required, and the use of profile aliases will be up to each individual reseller:

  • If a profile alias is used: Devices are auto-assigned to the profile selected by the reseller using the associated profile alias.
  • If a profile alias isn’t used: The uploaded devices are assigned to the default profile, or will have an unassigned status if no default profile has been set.

Service account email enhancements

This enhancement provides users with concise and informative emails when onboarding or a Samsung account event is triggered.

The following email services have been enhanced:

  • Service account registered (Super Admin signs up for the Knox Deployment Program)
  • Service account approved (Reseller tenant approved by a Samsung Admin)
  • Service account declined (Reseller tenant declined by a Samsung Admin)
  • Service new user invitation (Non super admin is invited to manage RP)

Activity log administrative enhancements

In this release, events have been added to enhance the activity log, which includes:

  • Administrator invitations
  • Administrator modifications
  • Resent/reactivated/revoked invitations
  • Deactivated/reactivated accounts
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