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No error when a duplicate IMEI is added

Last updated April 26th, 2024


  • Knox Deployment Program


Previously, if you tried to upload a device with an IMEI that was already added to your tenant, the following error was displayed:

This IMEI [imei_value] already exists for the same reseller and customer.

Starting with the 23.12 release, some admins reported that they no longer receive the error when expected. If shows when you try and add the device to another customer, but not your own tenant.


With the 23.12 release, the Reseller Portal team has updated the logic that handles duplicate IMEIs to be more graceful in its handling of duplicate devices.

If an IMEI already exists, it’s now omitted from the upload. All other IMEIs remain in the upload.

For example, if device IMEIs 001, 002, 003 exist in your tenant, a new device upload containing the device IMEIs 001, 002, 003, 004 would only include the IMEI 004. All other IMEIs would be ignored, since they’re already present.

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