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Knox Tizen SDK 2.2.0 release notes

Last updated March 6th, 2024

This version of the SDK introduces the following features:


  • Certificate management — Install or remove certificates in wearable devices.
  • Notification policy management — Control the display of notifications by each package in without phone connection (WPC) mode.
  • S/W updates — Control S/W updates by setting user permissions and restrictions.
  • Power saving mode — Customize user permission when changing Power saving modes.


  • Boot animation — Customize boot and/or shutdown animations.
  • Watch face — Change to a custom watch face while in WPC mode.
  • Home key remapping — Set an application to launch when home key is double pressed.
  • Hard Key — Configure an app to launch upon long pressing the back key.
  • Debugging mode — Enable or disable the debug option.
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