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Register MDM app

For the MDM client app to set or apply policies on the Gear device, you must first register the app. To register the client app, call mdm_register_client ( const char * pkg_name ) API method.

And, call the mdm_result_t mdm_get_service ( void ) API method to connect to MDM server daemon, and get the caller information.


// The package name of the app to register as an MDM client
define PACKAGE_NAME "org.example.wearbletutorial"
  // Register MDM client
  if (mdm_register_client(PACKAGE_NAME) == MDM_RESULT_SUCCESS) {
    // Connect to the MDM server daemon, and verify that the
    // app is authorized to get MDM client information
    if (mdm_get_service() == MDM_RESULT_SUCCESS) {
      // App is authorized; register callback
      mdm_register_client_callback(MDM_LICENSE_CB, __license_callback_, NULL, NULL);
    } else {
      // Could not connect to daemon or app is not authorized
      // to get MDM client information
      return false;
  } else {
    // Failed to register the client
    return false;

To de-register

Call the mdm_deregister_client ( const char * pkg_name ) API method to de-register the client app. And, call the mdm_release_service ( void ) API method to release the resources.

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