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Activate a license

Last updated April 25th, 2024

If you don’t have access to License keys in the Knox Developer Portal, please contact your Samsung sales partner to request access.

The Samsung SDKs use licenses as a security measure to prevent malicious activities by malware. When your app uses one of these SDKs, it must provide its unique license key to identify itself and provide evidence that it is authorized to use the SDK.

You can generate your own Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) license, or enter a license provided by a Knox license reseller.

Generate your own license

This licensing procedure applies to both the Knox SDK and Knox Tizen SDK. See also the different licensing procedures for the Knox Web Services.

  1. Sign in to the Knox Partner Portal.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click Go To Dashboard.

  3. In the left navigation pane, click My license keys.

  4. Select Add License Key > Get a license key.

  5. Select a key type, either:

    • Development Key — If you are testing your app.

    • Commercial Key — If you are ready to deploy your app.

  6. Optionally generate a Backwards-compatible key, if you are deploying your app on either:

    • Android devices running on Knox 2.7 or lower

    • any Tizen device

  7. Optionally generate an Attestation REST API key, if you are using the Knox Attestation REST APIs.

  8. Select the product permissions used by your app. Expand the dropdown to see the permissions included with each category and see license permissions for descriptions of individual permissions. Note that if you’re generating a Commercial Key, you can only do if your app uses only the free Standard permissions. If your app uses Premium permissions, you need to access to generate a KPE Premium Commercial key. If your app uses DualDAR permissions, you must contact a Knox license reseller and purchase a Knox DualDAR Commercial key. For more information about the different types of Commercial keys, refer to About licenses.

  9. Name your license key. This is to differentiate between multiple license keys you generate. You must enter a name before the Get License Key button becomes available.

  10. Associate an app package, either an Android APK or Tizen TPK package. This is for security purposes; only this app will be able to activate this license key. We don’t store the app package, only extract info about it.

    1. Select the check box to verify that you are authorized to identify the app that uses the license key.

    2. Click Extract Package.

    3. Find the app package (.apk for Android, .tpk for Tizen) and click Open.

  11. Click Get License Key.

Enter a license from a reseller

You can buy Knox licenses from Knox license resellers, and enter them into the Knox Partner Program portal for your company’s members to track and use them.

  1. Sign in to the Knox Partner Portal.
  2. Select Knox Developers on the navigation pane.
  3. In the left navigation pane, click My license keys.
  4. Select Add License Key > Enter license from reseller.
  5. Enter the license.

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