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WearableHybrid sample app

This hybrid sample app uses both the Customization APIs and the MDM APIs of the Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables to demonstrate features of both of them.

Key features of this hybrid app are:

  • Easy web-app based UI implementation with Tizen.
  • Single app including MDM and Custom APIs
  • Simplified license activation.
  • Knox SDK v2.5 features.

This sample app is provided only as a reference on how to use the APIs of Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables.


Getting Started


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Follow these instructions to run the app:

  1. Import the folders WearableKnox (web) and KnoxService (native) as downloaded into the Tizen Studio.

  2. Link the KnoxService with WearableKnox as follows:

    1. Right click the WearableKnox and select Properties.

    2. In the Properties for WearableKnox window, go to Tizen Studio > Package > Multi.

    3. Select the KnoxService under Projects.

    4. Click Apply and Close.

  3. Include the add-ons as follows:

    1. Right click the KnoxService and select Properties.

    2. In the Properties for KnoxService window, go to C/C++ Build > Tizen Settings.

    3. In the Platform tab, check the Architecture and Name, select arm in the Architecture if not pre-selected.

    4. In the Framework tab, select the add-ons like Native_API, custom-sdk-2.5.0, knoxinstallation-sdk, mdm-sdk-2.5.0, and so on. Refer to Set up Tizen Studio to add these add-ons if not done already.

    5. Click Apply and Close.

  4. Finally build the project and run the app.

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