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Publish an app

Once your app is ready, you can distribute your app via Samsung Galaxy Apps, a dedicated app store for Samsung devices. The apps can be downloaded on the wearable device using a deep link URL.

The following are the steps to install your app on a standalone wearable device.

  1. Sign your app, see Sign an app.

  2. Register for a Seller office account.

  3. Register your wearable app on the Samsung Galaxy Apps store, see the Application Registration Guide in the seller portal.

  4. Set up a deep link URL in the Galaxy Apps store under My Applications > Application Details > Binary > Application Details Page Deeplink.

    Deep link URL format — samsungapps://ProductDetail/PackageId

  5. Send the deep link URL via SMS to the wearable device.

  6. Click on the deep link URL received via SMS to install the app.

    See device DUID

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