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Knox POS SDK release notes

Last updated March 6th, 2024

Knox POS SDK v1.0.0

August 2022

The SDK introduces the following features:

  • Attestation: A service that lets you check the health of a Samsung Android device to ensure that it does not compromise the integrity of any mobile assets.

  • Customizable and Secure PIN Pad:

    • Trusted UI: TrustZone-based technology provides a UI that is immune to key-logger attacks.

    • Customization: Various APIs support customization of PIN Pad appearance and function.

  • Encryption: Track Data/Provisioning Data is managed and processed in a secure area during service. The Knox Platform for POS provides TEE (Trusted Environment Execution)-based cryptography for authentication.

For more information about the features available to developers on release, see Features.

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