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Knox POS SDK frequently asked questions


As of release, only select flagship and rugged devices support the Knox POS SDK. These include:

  • Smartphones: S22, S21, XCover6 Pro.
  • Tablets: TabActive4 Pro.

The scope of eligible devices will expand to cover select devices supported by Android OS 13 and higher and Knox version 3.9 and higher.


Availability of the Knox POS SDK may vary by country or region.

Android versions 13 and higher are supported by the Knox POS SDK.

The Knox POS SDK is available from Knox v3.9 and higher.

While the Knox SDK and the Knox POS SDK are different products, the Knox SDK is a prerequisite for the Knox POS SDK. You must first install the Knox SDK as it provides some of the functions required to process mPOS.

You don’t need any accessories to use the Knox Platform for POS.


Yes. You must have a license for both the Knox SDK and Knox POS SDK.

You must be a member of the Knox Partner Program with access to Knox Developers resources. Please refer to Get a license for details.

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