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Last updated April 25th, 2024

If you don’t have access to License keys in the Knox Developer Portal, please contact your Samsung sales partner to request access.

Generate your own license

This licensing procedure applies to the Knox POS SDK. For more information on the licensing procedures for the Knox SDK and Knox Tizen SDK, refer to our other Knox licensing tutorials. To view the licensing procedures for the Knox Web Services, see Knox Cloud API Authentication.

  1. Sign in to the Knox Developer Portal.
  2. Click ACTIONS > Get a license key.
  3. Select a key type, either DEVELOPMENT KEY or COMMERCIAL KEY.

Generate a development key

If you’re building your app, you can generate a DEVELOPMENT KEY, which grants you access permissions for development purposes.

  1. Select DEVELOPMENT KEY as your license key type.

    • Check Optional key to generate a Vendor-Unique Attestation key. This is only needed if you are testing for corrupted devices. For more details, see the Developer Guide.

    • Optionally, click Show list to view the PRODUCT PERMISSIONS included with the development key.

  2. Name your license key. This is to differentiate between multiple license keys you generate. You’ll need to enter a name before the GET LICENSE KEY button becomes available.

  3. Associate an app package. For the Knox POS SDK, this is an Android APK package. You can associate an app package for security purposes; only this app will be able to activate this license key. The app package is not stored, but information is extracted from it.

    • Select the check box to verify that you are authorized to identify the app that uses the license key.


    • Find the app package (.apk for Android) and click Open.


Generate a commercial key

If you’re ready to deploy your app, generate a COMMERCIAL KEY, which allows you to access permissions for commercial deployment.

  1. Select COMMERCIAL KEY as your license key type.

  2. Under SELECT PRODUCT PERMISSIONS > Knox Platform for POS, click contact us. Enter your details and click SUBMIT to forward your request for a Knox POS SDK commercial license key.

For more information about licensing, see:

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